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About Tabuk Trading: Our Journey into Expertise

Empowering South African SMEs and Facilitating International Market Entry into Africa since 2018

Our Beginnings

Empowering Business Networks: Our Impactful 2018 Journey showcased successful consultations with large investment companies, facilitating high-level business objectives and impactful projects such as the Roads Project in Ghana and fuel transactions from Mozambique to Zimbabwe. Our commitment to growing digital footprints for local businesses has been a cornerstone of our achievements.

In 2019, our focus shifted to creating a sustainable business footprint in Africa. We established a Fuel Importation Company, managed the entire process from land to filling station, navigated regulatory requirements across multiple sites, and provided consulting services for new bulk ventures. Additionally, we facilitated the entry of a South African company into the Ghanaian market, advised a gold mine in Ghana on expanding their digital sales footprint, and assisted an NGO in establishing a Digital Donations Hub. Concurrently, we streamlined business plans for various SMEs.

Amidst the challenges of the global pandemic in 2020, businesses faced unprecedented hurdles with a hard reset of most activities and stringent lockdown measures. Despite these difficulties, we successfully sourced essential PPE for our mining clients, implemented crucial website changes, and concentrated on expanding supplier lists to enhance our product sourcing and value chain services.

In 2021, businesses grappled with perilous cash-flow situations and the looming threat of worker retrenchment as they slowly resumed operations in the wake of the pandemic. Amid this challenging landscape, we played a pivotal role in aiding a franchise’s remarkable recovery, surpassing pre-COVID sales levels while optimizing overall performance. Additionally, we provided invaluable assistance to construction companies in sourcing local plant and equipment, launched our RockForce Chemical Demolitions Limpopo Agency, and supported various businesses in optimizing their digital marketing strategies. Furthermore, we facilitated commodity transactions between China and Africa, contributing to a resilient and adaptive business ecosystem

In 2022, we achieved significant milestones by diversifying into trade stock procurement and establishing a robust value chain for Ferrochrome and Chrome Concentrate in Zimbabwe. Our strategic partnerships with clients in China resulted in multiple contracts for managing the value chain in Southern Africa, facilitating the movement of substantial material between Zimbabwe and Johannesburg. Despite our focus on African operations, we remained committed to serving local clients, leading us to restructure our business into two distinct divisions: Business Services and Commodities. This strategic move ensures clarity for both new and existing clients, reinforcing our commitment to delivering targeted solutions.

In 2023, we experienced significant expansion across multiple fronts. While our Commodities Division was actively engaged in trading Chromite, Lithium, Timber, Fuel, Aluminum, and UBC, our consulting division successfully managed the sale of a business, facilitated the expansion of a Uganda-based business into Southern Africa, and enabled the financial realization of a student accommodation. Additionally, we secured contracts in construction, supply, and maintenance, and established long-term partnerships with Chromite and Lithium producers in Zimbabwe and Tanzania. This diversified growth underscores our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions across various industries.

The Professionals Behind Our Success

At Peak Performance Consulting, we help businesses reach their peak potential through innovative strategies. Let us drive your success.

Zain Winkelmann


Zain: Strategic planning, process optimization, and change management expert driving peak performance.

Ayesha Winkelmann

Finance and Admin Specialist

Ayesha: Finance and Administrative management expert. Streamlines Administration and implements effective financial strategies.

Parveez Parker

Senior Business and Marketing Consultant

Meet Parveez, our Senior Business and Marketing Consultant. He has many years of valuable experience in a variety of markets and Industries

Piet Ramalebana

Strategic Partnership Advisor

Perfectionist in the field of Public Relations, Piet provides valuable insight to public and private markets and value chains

Transforming Businesses with Proven Success

At Peak Performance Consulting, we are proud of our track record of success. Here are some key achievements that demonstrate our expertise and the value we bring to our clients.


CEO’s Years of Experience

20 years of various Industry Experience – a deep understanding of Business sectors.


Teams Combined Years of Business Experience

Our customers rate us 100+, reflecting their satisfaction and trust in our exceptional service.


Transforming Businesses with Successful Projects

With a combined track record of over 500 successful projects completed, our team consistently exceeds expectations.


Partners that help to Unlock Business Potential

Tailored solutions for Foreign Trade, Marketing, Shipping Services, Commodity Sourcing, and Retail Industry Solutions.


Tabuk Trading transformed our business, driving significant growth.

Belinda Makhosa

CEO of Btrade Ltd

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